Our camp program aims at developing independence and adventure in the students. From the F/1 activity night in the early years, through to the five-day camp in grade 5/6, students are gradually supported to expand their horizons, build their self-reliance and experience new settings and challenges.

We have a strong history of outdoor education with a variety of locations visited in a rotation. Included in our camping program are:


  • F/1 Activity Night
  • Grade 2 Sleepover
  • Grade 3/4 (3 day camp)
  • Grade 5/6 (5 day camp)


Also, students may have the chance to attend:

  • A 5 day Cluster Group Instrumental Music Camp - MVIMP (5/6)
  • The Somers 10 day camp
  • The Japan Tour (biannual)



 Camp Dates 2017

  • Grade 3/4 (3 day camp)               26th April - 5th May
  • MVIMP Music Camp                      22nd - 25th August
  • Grade 5/6 (5 day camp)               4th - 15th September
  • Japan Tour                                  18th September - 2nd October
  • Grade 2 Sleepover                       19th October
  • F/1 Activity Night                         2nd November




Student Feedback


  • “The activities were fun” - Brian 
  • “Camp is a great way to learn to be more social” - Andrew
  • "Red Faces was extremely funny!” - Hope
  • “The Survival Game was unique and awesome!” - Queena