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Recent News


A reminder to all families about the processes of our Drop Off Zones both on Athol and Eglinton Streets.

  • You are not to pull into the Drop off zone in the afternoon until your child is standing on the verge waiting to be collected
  • If your child is not present, continue to drive slowly around the school
  • If the Drop off zone is full, continue to drive slowly around the school (Do Not double park waiting for a space).


Thank-you for using our Drop Off Zones correctly and ensuring the safety of our students.

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Nepal Earthquake

A crowd funding campaign has been set up to help out Gulmi village in Nepal. One of our students is from that village. His grandparents live there and have lost their home and most of the village. If you are interested in knowing more and/or contributing please click on the following link:

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Independent Broad based Anti-Corruption Commission

“As you may be aware, the school was mentioned in the media in relation to an active investigation by the Independent Broad based Anti-Corruption Commission. As the investigation is underway, the school is unable to provide any information about its involvement in the inquiry. Parents and carers can access general information about the inquiry on the Education Department’s website or via the IBAC website.”

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Music Incursion


Our next Music incursion is to take place on Monday the 1st June. There will be two sessions, one at 10.00 a.m. and the other at 11.30 a.m. in the school’s gym.

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Welcome to Moonee Ponds West Primary School.  It is crucial that the students at Moonee Ponds West learn to the best of their ability in a caring and supportive environment. We look forward to working together.

Located in Melbourne’s inner north western suburbs Moonee Ponds West Primary School has had increasing enrolments over recent years with 536 students in 2015.

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