Enrolments and School Tours



Our school is in a designated neighbourhood zone with the below map representing the current area for enrolment. Enrolment packs are available when attending a school tour.


Children must turn five years of age by 30th April to be eligible to attend school:




Neighbourhood Policy

The principles of the Department of Education and Training neighbourhood school policy are found in the Education Act 2008.

These are:

  • To guarantee the right of each child to a place in the designated neighbourhood school
  • Wherever practical, to provide parents/carers with the opportunity to enrol their child at the same school as that being concurrently attended by an older brother or sister who resides permanently at the same address
  • To allow parents/carers not wishing to send their child to the neighbourhood school to select any other school in which space is available
  • To contain enrolments in each school within the limits of available resources as determined by the Regional Director
  • Attendance at a particular primary school does not automatically guarantee enrolment at a particular secondary school

We are here to support you through the enrolment process so please contact the school office for further information.



School Tours

Our school tours operate regularly throughout the year by the Principal or delegate. Please contact the school office for further information. 




Enrolment Tours 2018  
Monday 16th April Thursday 19th April
10.00am 12.30pm
Monday 23rd April Friday 27th April
10.00am 9.30am
Monday 30thApril Wednesday 2nd May
10:00am 12.30pm
Monday 7th May Wednesday 9th May
12.30pm 9.30am
Monday 14th May Friday 18th May
10.00am 9.30am
Monday 21st May Wednesday 23rd  May
12.30pm 9.30am
Monday 28th May Friday 1st June
10:00am 10:00am
Monday 4th June Wednesday 6th June
10.00am 12.30pm
Wednesday 13th June Thursday 14th June
9.30am 10.00am
Monday 18th June Friday 22nd June
10:00am 10.00am
Wednesday 27th June Friday 29th June
10:00am 10.00am
Monday 16th July Thursday 19th July
12.30pm 9.30am
Monday 23rd July Friday 27th July
12.30pm 10.00am
Monday 30th July Thursday 2nd August
10.00am 12.30pm
Tuesday 7th August Wednesday 8th  August
12:30pm 10.00am








Neighbourhood Map

school zone